I'm a web developer and information security enthusiast. My focus is back-end development, mostly with Ruby on Rails.

You can get in touch with me on Twitter or by email.

The Things I Wrote

Most of the code I write when I'm not at work is on GitHub or CodePen.

Sometimes I write about software development on Medium, on which I run the publication Happy Code, Happy Developers. An archive of my old posts can be found on my old website.


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The Good Dev


Working Out of a Slump

The Things I Use

When I'm at the office, I do most of my development work with RubyMine via a very snazzy UK 104 key mechanical keyboard from WASD Keyboards. For standard text editing or anything that falls outside of my normal area of work, I use the remarkable Sublime Text.

The machine itself is a cheap and cheerful Windows 10 desktop from eBuyer or something (I don't know, the company got it), and I use the Windows Subsystem for Linux for development.

At home or on the move, I use an MSI G63VR laptop, which is blazing fast and lets me do any of the development or gaming that I could dream of.

Other Stuff

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