1. A booking system where participants’ shared meeting availability is arranged on screen like in Atari Breakout and players break blocks until only one remains.
  2. caniuse.com but for markdown variants.
  3. Powerful ancient Romans would have servants follow them, whispering reminders of their own mortality. For just £4 per month, I will provide this service to you via email.
  4. AWS feature request: a big red button I can press that just deletes anything that’s going to rack up a bill just by existing.
  5. “HTTP 209 k.” Like 200 OK but it’s kinda mad at you.
  6. Business idea to target stressed grownups: a model city that you can rampage through and destroy while bellowing like godzilla.
  7. Collab between Wes Craven and Wes Anderson.
  8. A Pez dispenser but for socks.
  9. Pass the parcel but with wasps.
  10. Code minification to be renamed to “debigging.”
  11. Code challenges like Exercism where you have to make all the tests pass, but you start with a passing solution and have to refactor it until it passes certain code quality metrics.
  12. Dating sim where all of the romantic interests have STRONG OPINIONS about web dev and you have to woo them by navigating the thorny field of tabs vs. spaces, vim vs. vscode, etc.
  13. Storing all your company’s HR stuff in private git repos and firing people by making them review & merge the PR
  14. prefers-reduced-nazis media query to opt into regional restrictions around hate speech (e.g. Twitter hiding certain content in Germany.)
  15. Convenient recycling/bulky waste disposal as an office perk.
  16. Browser extension for reddit that only shows you the top 10 replies to threads.
  17. Browser extension that detects when a site is doing an april fools prank and replaces the content with the internet archive version from march 31st.
  18. Full-size Wound Man (CW: medical diagram) knife block.
  19. New public utilities such as cycle paths and parks are named after randomly selected citizens, weighted by tax revenue.