Provisioning Dionaea Honeypot with Vagrant and Salt: A First Attempt

I’ve recently been talking to my amigos in Sloth Krew about setting up a couple honeypots and comparing field notes. There was a fair amount of discussion in IRC about deployment, and I figured it’d be a really cool opportunity to get to grips with some provisioning tools in a hobby capacity.

To start off with, I’m trying a combination of Salt and Vagrant. The idea is to use Vagrant to do just enough to enable salt to talk to it, and then have Salt configure a full instance of Dionaea honeypot, complete with all dependencies. When that’s accomplished, I want to look at using these tools to deploy directly into THE CLOUD with my DEVOPS.

The dionaea installation instructions are here, but there’s a quick install guide for an ubuntu package maintained by honeynet. This makes installation a real breeze.

After spending a while getting to grips with Salt, the final combination of Vagrantfile and Salt state script turned out to be pretty simple.

The result of the evening’s tinkering can be found here, and will be built upon next time when I add VPS provisioning to really get this show on the road.

gist for posterity, since the files are likely to change a lot.

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