Storing Proxy Settings in Your SSH Config

My coworker showed me something cool today. Like a lot of developers, there are certain machines that I find myself SSHing into repeatedly. Not all of them are directly accessible from the network I’m on. Some of them require me to connect via a jump host.

Ordinarily, I manually create a tunnel between a port on my local machine to my final destination via this tunnel. This is cool, but it’s a bunch of steps to remember, especially if you’re manually creating your SSH tunnels via the command line. Especially if you’re trying to remember a bunch of IP addresses.

Apparently, you can just add hosts to your ~/.ssh/config.

Host jump-host
    Hostname x.x.x.x
    IdentityFile /path/to/key/proxy.pem
    User ubuntu

Host destination
    Hostname y.y.y.y
    IdentityFile /path/to/key/destination.pem
    User ubuntu
    ProxyJump jump-host

With this in place, ssh destination gets you there with zero fuss.

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