Oh hey, it's 2015

About this time last year, give or take a month or two, I wrote a post detailing my hopes and aspirations for 2014. 2014 has now left us in its dust, and I figured it’s time to see how my plans held up against the ravages of time.

It turns out, the only two things I really accomplished in a real way from last year’s list is completing my transition to ruby on rails, though I still learn new things every day, and using Sass for all of my CSS.

I guess that’s bad as far as percentage of the checklist completed, but given the huge impact that ruby on rails has had on my professional happiness, I’m okay with that.

As well as the general goodness of spending most of the work day using ruby, I’ve…

  • joined the local ruby user group
  • got a few new co-workers
  • done a little android development (more to come on that later)
  • welcomed a bunch of new sloths to my CTF team at https://slothkrew.com
  • lost a bunch of weight

It’s been a good year for pretty much everything except my front-end development/design skills. I still want to learn about:

  • rails service objects
  • hexagonal architecture

I’m making steps towards the last one along with the rest of the ruby user group.

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