Good Colour Schemes with SASS

As someone who does a fair amount of front end work, but doesn’t have a great eye for colour, one of the biggest problems I face is finding colours for a website that match.

I was watching talks on YouTube while working, and ended up watching CSS preprocessors with Jonathan Verrecchia, (a must watch, if you’re still on the fence regarding whether or not to use a pre-processor for your projects), and in it, he demonstrates a technique for generating colour palettes for your sites using SASS.

$base: #633;
$complement1: adjust-hue($base, 180);
$complement2: darken($complement1, 5%);
$lighten1: lighten($base, 15%);
$lighten2: lighten($base, 30%);

With a snippet like this in your project, all you need to do is define your primary hue in $base, and you will have two complementary colours, and two lighter shades at your disposal.

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