It's not about winning

Not everything has to eat the world and the definition of success isn’t always

  • be the one true Thing, or at least be the most popular version of The Thing;
  • last forever, with infinite growth;
  • meet 100% of the use cases of the last Thing, and more.

Life, people, and technology are all more complicated than that.

It’s hard to be attached to something and have it fade away, but that’s part of being a human being and existing in the flow of time. That’s table stakes. I have treasured memories of childhood friends who I haven’t heard from in 20 years. Internet communities that came and went. They weren’t less valuable because they didn’t last forever.

Let a thing just be what it is. So what if it doesn’t pan out the way you expected? If the value you derive from The Thing is reliant on its permanence, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment anyway.

Alternatively, abandon The Thing altogether and, I dunno, go watch a movie or something. The world is your oyster.

No points for figuring out which drama I’m referring to.

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