September Roundup

Quitting Coffee



If all has gone to plan, the beautiful ambrosia that sits before me now will be my last cup of coffee between now and when I post this.

I used to drink an absurd amount of coffee. I now drink less. Maybe two or three cups a day at most. I don’t think I want to do it any more. It’s currently 10 to 10 in the morning (cowboy time!) and I am just getting to the bottom of that mug. I don’t like the way it feels. My tongue feels sticky. My throat feels gummy. I feel like I’m sweating. It tastes pretty good, but it’s not worth feeling so gross after a cup or two. Is it normal to feel this gross?


I have recovered from the morning cup.


I normally would have gone for my second cup by now, but I’m just drinking several cups of tea instead.


Drinking tea instead of coffee and I’m tired and it feels like my brain is too big for my skull. Is this caffeine withdrawal? I could do without it. How about that second cup of tea?


Through the power of numerous cups of tea, I do not particularly miss the coffee. Except occasionally when I really miss the coffee.

Thought Bubble

I was at the Thought Bubble Festival over the weekend. I’m not really into comics. I enjoy reading them, but I can only name a few artists or writers, and I don’t really have the encyclopedic knowledge of the medium that many other comic fans seem to have.

I had a really good time and bought maybe too many comics. My favourite ones tend to be small diary style comics for a couple reasons. Firstly, the cost of comics adds up fast. If you want to support a bunch of different creators without blowing the budget, small comics and zines are the way to go. Secondly, I enjoy diary comics for the same reason I enjoy reading about people’s routines and workflows: the minutiae of our lives are worth sharing, and there is often a bunch we can learn from or just enjoy about them.

Here’s what I got:

Witches, Dragons, Magic & Cats - Carey Pietsch

Witches, Dragons, Magic, & Cats is a collection of three short stories: The Witches’ Daughters, a fairytale about witches and forgiveness; Familiar, a magical girl story about hope and cats; and Mending, a story about dragons and rebuilding.

Lost Haven - Carey Pietsch

What happens when a gifted witch’s power fails her? Lost Haven is a story about magic, sorrow, and the things that hold us together.

Connection Lost - Carey Pietsch

Connection Lost is a collection of autobio comics originally published between 2012 and 2016.

Jacob - Jeb McPherson

Every day is the worst day of someone’s life.

The Sad Ghost Club’s Guide To Not Being Sad - Lize Meddings

A 16 page comic book zine with 10 rules for not being sad. Includes guest comics from the Sad Ghost Club family.

Our Super Adventure: Video Games and Pizza Parties - Sarah Graley

Our Super Adventure is a diary comic about being soppy, eating too much pizza and living with four cats!


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