A good job with blunt tools

I’m signed up to the e-mail newsletter of a local walkway.

Exciting, I know. This monthly newsletter boasts a circulation of roughly 250 keen readers and it comes full of pictures of local flowers, book reviews, and that sort of thing.

This newsletter comes to me as a PDF from the personal email account of the group secretary. My email address in tucked away in the BCC field. As it happens, Gmail lets you send an email to up to 500 people at once.

The point of this is that there’s no obsession over things like…

  • what happens when I have ten million subscribers?
  • why hasn’t jsrn opened one of my emails in a while?
  • am I using the right newsletter provider? Is it one of the cool ones?

I can only imagine the list of subscribers is kept in a spreadsheet somewhere on the secretary’s computer.

I hope he has a backup.

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