Lotus Validations (2015)

The first talk I gave that wasn't a school or university assignment. The most lightning of lighting talks. Presented in 2015 at the West Midlands Ruby User Group. We were comparing Lotus (now Hanami) to Rails.

Profiling Rails Applications (2020)

An introduction to diagnosing performance bottlenecks in Rails. Presented to the West Midlands Ruby User Group at some point in 2020 at some point. Tough to pinpoint when, on account of that year blending into one horrible point in time.

There and Rack Again: What is Rack and Why (2021)

Dives into the heavy lifting that Rack does on behalf of the Ruby web application frameworks. Presented at the West Midlands Ruby User Group on the 16th January 2021.

Hotwire: What Is It And Why? (2021)

Building dynamic applications with Hotwire.